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Cylinder Grip Action penis pump

Cylinder Grip Action penis pump

Arise Sir Penis - Super pump vibrator with multi speed controls and advanced pump action rubber bulb which creates super suction. Watch it grow infront of your eyes. Complete with measuring scale. 100% silicone sleeve. 2 x AA batteries not included.
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Magilift Optimized Pump

Magilift Optimized Pump

Magilift Optimized Penis Pump is a supreme erectile vacuum stabilizing kit - the complete pumping system for stronger and more powerful erections. The Magilift Penis Pump Set is optimized for powerful results - it includes a powerful penis pump with strong seals (for an effective vacuum) easy to release valve a donut ring for comfortable pumping, and three assorted silicone rings to maintain the larger then normal erection a man achieves by using a developer.

Additional info Comes complete with 3 assorted silicone erection rings. Donut ring which acts to form a firm seal at the base of the developer. The Magilift power pump set also includes a handy zip-up travel bag.

RRP £89.95
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Ultimate Pump

Ultimate Pump

Be pumped and ready for action with this 'Ultimate' pump.
Maximise your manhood with this easy to use pump for hours of enlarged fun.
With a jelly sleave for comfort and durablility and a quick release button.
The pump produces an air tight seal that will help to produce a rock hard erection.

Avaliable in two colours.
No batteries required.

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1-10 of 3 items


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